Month: December 2022

Restaurants on Celebrity To Check Out

Celebrity Cruises dining experience at Raw on 5 is in the top restaurants on CelebrityCelebrity Cruises dining experience at Raw on 5 is in the top restaurants on Celebrity
Raw on 5 on board Celebrity Beyond

While there are plenty of restaurants on Celebrity that are included in the cost of the cruise, many of the specialty restaurants are too good to pass up, even with the extra charge. From the finest steak you’ve ever sank your teeth into, to the freshest sushi you can imagine, all served to you while you are surrounded by beautifully designed architecture and decor, here are 5 of the best Celebrity Cruises restaurants that you just have to experience for yourself!

Fine Cut Steakhouse

We’re starting out with a Celebrity Cruises dining experience that redefines what luxury looks like. “Upscale” barely even begins to describe Fine Cut Steakhouse, the glamorous high-end American steakhouse that is found on Celebrity Edge, Apex, and Beyond. The decor features a rich palette of ruby, amber, and gold, and the restaurant overlooks the three-story open

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Princess Plus & Premier Offers: Package Details and if it’s Worth it

Princess Plus and Princess Premier offer a more all-inclusive experience for cruise passengers… but it comes at a price. For years, some cruise passengers have complained about the “nickel and diming” that takes place on a ship. Between gratuities, drinks, specialty restaurants, wi-fi, and more, the costs can add up.

Princess Cruises offers two packages — Princess Plus and Princess Premier — that offer things like gratuities, wi-fi, and a drink package included. But are they worth it?

In fact, the average person can expect to spend about 35-40% of what they paid in cruise fare as onboard spending.

But some luxury cruise lines — including Princess — are making a change. Instead of charging additional amounts for many items, the cruise line is giving passengers the option of including the costs in the fare.

The program is called “Princess Plus” and was recently rolled out in 2020 during

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Worth It? Princess Cruise Drink Packages Explained (Prices, What’s Included, and More)

Wondering if the alcoholic drink package on Princess is worth it? Or maybe you know you want the package, but want to know all the details of how it works before you buy.

Princess offers drink packages (the Plus and Premium packages) that allow you to enjoy beverages on the ship without worrying about a bar tab at the end of the cruise.

Drink packages have a lot to offer for passengers. Instead of having to worry about paying for each drink — and keeping track of the bar tab — you can simply head up to the bar whenever you want something and order. So whether you have five cocktails or six beers, or a mix of coffee in the morning, wine in the afternoon, and margaritas at dinner, you’ll pay one flat fee.

But there is a lot to know about these packages, including some fine print that

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