Month: December 2022

Cruise Pizza You’ve Got to Try

Cruise pizza is a must try on some top cruise lines like Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.Cruise pizza is a must try on some top cruise lines like Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.
Alfredo’s Pizza on Princess Cruises

It’s easy to overlook a basic dining option like pizza when you’re on a cruise vacation, with all the extravagant options available on a cruise, but there really is nothing like a good slice of cruise pizza. Maybe it’s the quality of the craftsmanship cruise staff put into them. Maybe it’s the simple joy of greasy finger food complimented by a cool ocean breeze. Whatever it is that makes it feel so special, you definitely don’t want to sleep on the experience of cruise ship pizza!

#1 in Cruise Pizza: Alfredo’s Pizzeria on Princess Cruises

Voted “Best Pizza at Sea” by USA TODAY, Alfredo’s Pizzeria can be found on Discovery Princess, Grand Princess, Majestic Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Sapphire Princess, and Sky Princess. This elegant pizzeria is named for Princess Cruises’ former Master Chef Alfredo Marzi, a

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Complete Guide to Cruising from the Port of New Orleans

If you’re taking a cruise, it’s hard to think of a port city that offers as much as New Orleans. From food to culture to history, it’s not hard to see why the port likes to bill itself to cruise passengers as “two vacations in one.”

Jackson Square in New Orleans

And judging by the numbers, lots of people are taking advantage of the Port of New Orleans as a starting point for their cruise. Each year hundreds of thousands of people take cruises from the city, making it the sixth-largest cruise port in the U.S. While that might be just a fraction of the largest ports in the world like Miami or Port Canaveral, it’s a substantial amount for a port outside of Florida.

Are you one of the many people taking a cruise from the Crescent City? If so, then you no doubt have some questions about what to expect come cruise

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What Happens If I Miss My Cruise Due to a Flight Cancellation?

Note: nor the author are insurance professionals. Be sure to review any policy and ask your insurance company any questions you might have.

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If your flight is canceled, causing you to miss your cruise, what happens to your vacation… and what you paid?

While most people imagine a cruise starting when they first step onto the ship, the vacation actually begins with getting to the port.

For many people, that means heading to the closest airport to catch a flight somewhere with a cruise port like Los Angeles, Miami, or Orlando. Most times that goes off without a hitch. And while we always suggest flying in the night before just to give you time in case there is a

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