Month: September 2022

Walmart Is Delivering for Customers this Holiday Season

Walmart has worked tirelessly for the past year to ensure our supply chain remains stable and strong for our customers, no matter when, where or how they want to shop this holiday season.

Walmart has a long history of supporting customers, especially during the busiest and most important time of the year – the holiday season. In recent weeks, you’ve probably seen us highlighting how we’re kicking off the holiday seasonoffering the best deals on the season’s top toys and bringing on additional associates to ensure we’re getting customers what they want and need during the holidays.

Our supply chain is essential to how we serve customers during the holiday season, and we all know the challenges of the past year. This year, customers are facing new challenges like economic pressure from inflation. Additionally, global supply chains have improved – but not fully recovered – post-pandemic. We’re also

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Public holiday sickies may cost millions

A crowd of people at the beach on a sunny day

Many Australians say they have called in sick from work to go to the beach according to research

As the one off national public holiday to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II falls this Thursday 22nd September it’s been estimated the Friday after may be a very popular day for many working Australian’s to call in sick and make a long weekend of it.

New research from Finder reveals that it’s likely there will be a spike in absenteeism by many Australians on Friday 23rd with the potential to cost the employers more than $461 million in lost productivity.

A new nationally representative survey of 1,060 respondents revealed 1 in 8 (13%) Australians – equivalent to 1.7 million workers – have called in sick for a non-health related reason so far this year, at a cost of about $354 per worker, per day.

Taylor Blackburn, personal finance specialist at

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Costco’s selling Disney Christmas tree that plays 8 holiday songs

’tis the season (sort of).

Sept. 19, 2022

It's never too early for a Disney Christmas

It’s never too early for a Disney Christmas


If you’re heading to Costco for one of any number of reasons, from cheap gas to rotisserie chickens, you’re going to want to consider getting an early start on the holidays — or getting your game plan laid out way in advance — with some of the stores’ newest stock: A light up Disney Christmas tree that plays eight holiday songs.

Meant for the tabletop, the tree has three tiers, each featuring different Disney characters (four tiers if you include the star at the top) — on one, a train goes round and round with Mickey and his entourage. Miniature Christmas trees in turn bedeck each layer, along with a trimming of snow over the pine branches.

Songs the tree will play include:

  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Oh
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