Restaurants on Celebrity To Check Out

Restaurants on Celebrity To Check Out

Celebrity Cruises dining experience at Raw on 5 is in the top restaurants on Celebrity
Raw on 5 on board Celebrity Beyond

While there are plenty of restaurants on Celebrity that are included in the cost of the cruise, many of the specialty restaurants are too good to pass up, even with the extra charge. From the finest steak you’ve ever sank your teeth into, to the freshest sushi you can imagine, all served to you while you are surrounded by beautifully designed architecture and decor, here are 5 of the best Celebrity Cruises restaurants that you just have to experience for yourself!

Fine Cut Steakhouse

We’re starting out with a Celebrity Cruises dining experience that redefines what luxury looks like. “Upscale” barely even begins to describe Fine Cut Steakhouse, the glamorous high-end American steakhouse that is found on Celebrity Edge, Apex, and Beyond. The decor features a rich palette of ruby, amber, and gold, and the restaurant overlooks the three-story open design of the interior of the ship for a stunning view for some world-class people watching.

The name of the game here is definitely “steak,” and you can’t go wrong with a choice cut cooked to perfection and served with a house steak sauce.  But there is more than just steak here, so don’t be afraid to pop in even if you aren’t a fan of beef. Their fish and chicken entrées include the likes of grilled sea bass, pan-roasted chicken, and poached lobster tail. This is an easy pick for one of the classiest restaurants on Celebrity Cruises.

Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud

World renowned chef Daniel Boulud, Celebrity’s Global Culinary Ambassador, has delivered his culinary expertise to his first signature restaurant on Celebrity. Known as Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud, it is only found on the Celebrity Beyond and his menu borrows flavors from around the globe and brings them together in new and exciting ways. In addition, it boasts the most awarded wine collection at sea.

The ambiance of Le Voyage is unmatched, even among Celebrity Cruises’ restaurants, in its romantic atmosphere and aesthetic that makes you think of rose petals and sunsets. Designed by the architect and design duo of Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin who designed the Grand Plaza on all of the Edge Series ships, the decor also draws inspiration from multiple cultures much in the same way the menu does. It all comes together to bring you an experience you’ll only get at a restaurant on Celebrity.

Le Petit Chef

Dinner comes to life at Le Petit Chef, a high-concept dining experience that mixes entertainment and cuisine available on Celebrity Reflection, Infinity, Eclipse, Silhouette, Equinox, Solstice, Millenium, Edge, Apex, Constellation, Summit, and Beyond. Using custom 3D table animations made by the world-renowned artists of Skullmapping, your dining experience is guided by the 4 mini-chefs from Italy, Spain, France, and Japan as they jump off of your plate and take you on a journey across the globe right from the comfort of your dinner table.

While this is a great experience for adults, you can imagine just how much fun your kids will have with this whimsical culinary adventure taking place right on their plate. You’ll definitely appreciate having something to distract the little ones while the Michelin Star Chef painstakingly prepares your meals. So bring the whole family and get ready to be whisked away!

Raw on 5

Celebrity Cruises dining experiences always strive to deliver authenticity in their representation of cultural cuisine, and Raw on 5 is no exception. This exquisite, renowned sushi restaurant combines traditional Japanese cuisine with modern sensibilities, and is available on Celebrity Edge, Apex, and Beyond. Its creator is expert sushi chef Yoshikazu “Yoshi” Okada, who is originally from Japan, but has relocated to Hollywood where he has made his name as a legendary restaurateur.

Raw on 5 was a hit from the first day it opened, and it is the perfect place to get your fill of locally sourced, authentic Japanese seafood prepared by professional sushi chefs. Take your pick from an assortment of hand-made sushi rolls or nigiri with a complex mix of flavors, or indulge in the simple pleasures of the freshest seafood you’ve ever had with yellowtail, salmon, and octopus sashimi. This is one Celebrity Cruises restaurant where you truly can not go wrong.

Eden Restaurant

The Eden Restaurant is a Celebrity Cruises dining experience that really focuses on the feeling of being one with nature. The simplistic, but modern decor feels like something out of a futuristic utopia, with greenery practically bursting out of the walls and a stunning view of the ocean horizon beckoning you toward the skyline as you enjoy your dinner. This unique experience is available on Celebrity Edge, Apex and Beyond.

The menu and wine list available at this garden fantasy are inspired by the various regions that Celebrity visits. Their open concept kitchen allows you to watch the chefs as they prepare your dinner, making you appreciate the love and meticulous attention put into every culinary creation and feel connected to your food like never before. This is what restaurants on Celebrity are all about!

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