Prinsip Kerja Time Travel ~ ManusiaBiasa

Prinsip Kerja Time Travel ~ ManusiaBiasa

WIKIPEDIA menyampaikan, pengertian Time Travel (Perjalanan Waktu) adalah sebuah konsep berjalan maju atau mundur ke titik berbeda dalam waktu, mirip seperti kita bergerak dalam ruang. Ini berbau Fisika, Namun bahasan ini justru tidak populer di kalangan fisikawan, karena banyak anggota komunitas ilmiah percaya, perjalanan waktu itu kemungkinan besar tidak mungkin.

Haunted homes are a method of time travel and one of the vital in style time journey units in literature. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol , is indeed haunted by ghosts. Scrooge is haunted by his ex-companion Marley, a ghost imprisoned in chains. He reminds Scrooge that greed is a path to hell. The Ghost of Christmas Past transports Scrooge back to his younger days as a younger scholar. Scrooge regrets he sacrificed the love of a woman for lofty goals of getting cash. The darkish hooded Ghost of Christmas Future warns Scrooge that younger Tiny Tim, invalid, and son of his employee, Bob Cratchett, will die, because his greed has the Cratchett household living in poverty. Scrooge reforms into a charitable man.Time Travel

Possible future time travel expeditions encourages us to dream of magnificent splendors of a Utopian civilization, or it could actually cause horrifying shock. Will earth die because of air and water air pollution? Will hostile aliens invade earth and enslave us? How will a time traveler react thrust in the course of a world struggle through which overseas nations are bent on destroying one another? A future world crisis wrestle is effected by circumstances radically completely different than the crisis experienced in the American Civil War and World War II.

The time is 1893, and author H. G. Wells, played by Malcolm MacDowell, has unknowingly develop into friends with Jack The Ripper. Wells has constructed a time machine, which Jack uses to flee the authorities and travel to fashionable-day San Francisco, the place he continues his murderous spree. Wells then follows Jack the Ripper into the long run to cease him and meets Mary Steenburgen, who helps Wells adjust to the strange new world and gets involved in the entire loopy affair.

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