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Enter The Magical Realm Time Travel (With GA)

Time Travel, atau perjalanan menembus waktu, adalah sesuatu yang dianggap sains fiksi pada zaman ini. Banyak sekali film yang mengupas topik mesin waktu, contohnya Back to the future, Terminator, Timeline, Time Machine, Frequency, Heroes, Lost, The 4400, dll. Yang aneh, konsep waktu di beberapa film ini berbeda-beda loh.Time Travel

Joe Haldeman wrote The Forever War (1984), an intergalactic time journey novel. Time journey is achieved through spacecrafts flying through rotating black holes. Military troopers experience the results of time dilation. Space vacationers age much slower touring gentle years away. The novel was thought of controversial earlier than publication. Haldeman was influenced by his service time in Vietnam. American time travelers are engaged in an limitless war with an alien race called Taurons. Haldeman explored a number of issues: soldier’s guilt because of mindless slaughter, superior prosthetic know-how, strong employment of military personnel, and acceptance of homosexuals within the military.

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