Consider Private Rentals to Create Your Perfect Vacation

Consider Private Rentals to Create Your Perfect Vacation

Vacations are the times that you use to escape the anxiety created by the pressures of everyday living. Travel can create its own brand of stress. So save your money and plan very carefully to ensure that the trip is perfect.

Destination and Accommodations

Your plan will have several decision points. The first step is to choose a destination upon which all travelers can agree. Then you need to choose a place to stay. In years past, hotels and motels were the preferred alternatives. However, in the past 30 years, the popularity of vacation real estate rentals has grown considerably. This is both a blessing and a curse because the amount of information that exists can make your research more difficult. Each of these types of accommodations provides several advantages and disadvantages so your choice will really depend on your priorities.

Hotels Versus Vacation Rentals

The average cost of a hotel room is generally higher than a rental, but hotels offer amenities like room service, clean rooms and a concierge. Luxury vacation rentals are adding services like chefs and pool areas in an effort to compete, but most cannot keep up with the spas, fitness centers, and bars and restaurants of the major hotels. Rentals do provide more space with multiple bathrooms and most of the comforts of home but the upkeep for the time you stay is your responsibility.

Vacation rentals also offer much more variety than hotels, so you can easily find a place to meet your needs. You can choose from one of the beachfront villas in barbados, the multiple log cabins in the Canadian woods, the many Victorian castles in Europe or the complexes of luxury apartments in New York. These accommodations are generally pet and kid friendly and offer you a higher level of privacy. The tradeoff is that they may be located further away from tourist attractions and area points of interest.

Security and Reliability

Safety and security are foremost on your mind when you travel. Hotel chains have a history of safeguarding their guests and valuables and providing 24/7 monitoring and security services. Rental owners are employing property management firms and security alarms to handle safety issues. Rental owners are also using management companies to try to improve their image and brand. You would probably feel much more secure booking with a recognizable name like Hilton or Hyatt than you would choosing a beach house that you found on the internet. Property managers are helping rental owners to establish a brand, advertise, ensure the security of the property and offer renters a point of contact in case there are issues during their stay.

These agents can also conduct security checks on the renters to offer owners some piece of mind. The bottom line is that you can make your vacation memorable simply by living in total comfort while you are away. All it takes is a little research to find your perfect place.