3 Tourist Attractions in Famous Paris

3 Tourist Attractions in Famous Paris

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Who is not familiar with the exotic and beautiful city of Paris? Paris as the capital city of France has so many amazing sides that curious tourists can enjoy it, such as its culture and history that are so interesting to be known more deeply. Here can be listen to a summary of tourist attractions in Paris that can be used as a reference for those who will vacation in Paris

1. Seine River

Seine River no complete your vacation if it hasn’t arrived at Seine River. It is from this river that you and your family or friends can sail and surround Paris with all their charms. One of the most exciting and fun ways most recommend here is to take a cruise. Not only on the open deck you can enjoy all the beauty, even on the boat you can look at the beautiful city of Paris while having a romantic dinner or lunch.

For those who have prepare more budget, please go to a yacht rental or if you don’t, you can immediately choose to take a cruise ship with a dinner package. Nighttime panoramas will not be less beautiful than those that can see during the day, so having a dinner together with a partner will certainly be more unforgettable. Especially for dinner packages, it will be more suitable for those of you who are honeymooning in Paris.

      Cruise tours will always be available every day of the year with a trip duration of about 1 hour.

2. Pont des Arts Bridge or Love Padlock Bridge

The Pont des Arts Bridge or the Love Padlock Bridge, dub the most romantic city in the world, means that you have a legal obligation to come to the Pont des Arts which is a bridge that collects the padlock of love for every couple who come to this place. The bridge over the Seine River that connects the Louvre Museum and the Institute de France is actually a bridge build specifically for pedestrians.

Build in 1981-1984, this bridge has a width of 11 meters and a length of 155 meters and was formerly build as a replacement for an old bridge that damage. Linking the symbol of love for eternal love in this place is like a tradition. Only by writing your initials or names with your partner in a padlock, then lock them on the bridge fence, after which the key can be thrown directly into the river. In addition, what’s interesting about this location is that it is usually use for art exhibitions and recreation in the summer.

3. Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Not far from Pont des Arts, you can visit a museum call the Louvre Museum which was once known as the French royal palace. The Louvre Museum seems to be include in the list of the largest museums in the world and is certainly the most popular in Paris. With the number of visits that can be more than 8 million people each year, it is very clear that this one tourist spot is one of the most visited museums in the world. Containing about 380 thousand more exhibit objects and 35 thousand art works, the most famous in the world is the Mona Lisa painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Not only the Mona Lisa’s paintings must see directly while in this museum because the Louvre Museum also invert Pyramid and the Louvre Pyramid. The museum which was the former royal palace has exist since 1190, then in 1989 it was I.M Pei, an American architect from China, built a glass pyramid that functioned as an entrance.

    Visitors are charge EUR 9. But if you go to this place above 6 o’clock on Friday or Wednesday, then there is a discount that is apply so that only need to pay EUR 6.

    The Louvre Museum is open only from Wednesday to Monday. Especially on Fridays and Wednesdays, the museum is open from 9am to 9.45pm, while on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays the museum is open from 9am to 6pm only.