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Theories, Paradoxes & Possibilities

The first half raises more questions than answering. Second half is if you start getting some concrete solutions. The first couple of minutes would possibly bore you. Once it will get going, though. It never lets up.

Stephen King’s novel, 11/22/sixty three, introduces college instructor, Jake Epping, who discovers an eerie invisible time portal within the again pantry space of Al’s Diner. Jake is transported back to the late Nineteen Fifties and affords to assist his cancerous sick friend change historical past. They plan to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. But Jake decides to experiment with the potential for altering the past. He saves a household from getting massacred by a drunken mentally sick father. No matter how long Jake stays previously, every time he returns to the present, he only loses two days. The mysterious time portal of the cook dinner’s pantry features like haunted house time distortion.… Read more