Los Angeles & Long Beach Cruise Parking (Where to Park)

Los Angeles & Long Beach Cruise Parking (Where to Park)

With roughly 20 million residents in the Los Angeles area, it’s no surprise that many people end up driving to their cruise.

The good news is that in a city famous for its automobile lifestyle (and the traffic and congestion that comes with that) the cruise ports have made it easy and relatively inexpensive to park. 

Below, we’ve outlined your options for both LA area ports, including where to park for the Port of Los Angeles and where to park for the Port of Long Beach cruise terminal.

Cruise Parking at the World Cruise Center (Port of Los Angeles)

When sailing for the Port of Los Angeles, your options are somewhat limited. With a major working port on one side and residential neighborhoods on the other, there isn’t a lot of space for independent parking lots like at other ports around the country.

That said, the port offers parking right on site that’s extremely convenient. From here you can simply walk to the ship and be back to your car within minutes when your cruise returns.

Port of Los Angeles cruise parking
Sailing from the Port of Los Angeles? The port offers cruise parking right at the terminal, making it the most convenient option. Map data: Google

Official Port of Los Angeles Parking
The official parking for the Port of Los Angeles is operating by Parking Concepts, Inc. They offer parking with more than 2,500 spots right near the cruise berths.

There are plenty of spots and reservations are not required. Rates are $20 per day for regular vehicles, $40 for oversized vehicles. So for a week-long cruise, expect to pay about $140 for parking.

That may seem expensive, but it’s relatively affordable for parking compared to other major cruise ports around the country. Cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted, and you pay after your trip.

  • Cost: $20 per day
  • Payment: Cash, credit, and debit accepted
  • Phone: 310-547-4357

Los Angeles Hotels with Cruise Parking
While there aren’t abundant options for independent parking lots, there is one place that will offer cheap parking for cruisers — hotels. Many hotels in the area cater to cruise passengers. They will offer discounted parking if you stay with them for at least one night. We have a list of LA hotels with cruise parking here.

In general, if you plan to stay in the LA area for an extra night or two anyway, we highly recommend using this tip to save some cash on your parking.

A number of hotels in the area such as the ones below have parking packages. See the link above for a full list:

Cruise Parking at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal

Like the Port of Los Angeles, you won’t have many options for parking other than the official port parking at the terminal. Still, it’s hard to complain when parking is a mere steps away from the terminal, meaning you don’t have to deal with long walks or wait on shuttles to take you back and forth from your ship.

Port of Long Beach cruise parking
If sailing from Long Beach, there is a parking garage that sits right next to the cruise terminal. Map data: Google

Official Port of Long Beach Parking
A parking garage is offer right at the ship for you to park while you cruise. As you can see in the map, the parking garage is extremely close to the terminal.

Parking rates are $23 per day. So if you have a week-long cruise, expect to pay about $160.

Cash and credit cards are accepted. The lot doesn’t require reservations — there should be plenty of parking come cruise day as it is a multi-story garage. If you have an oversized vehicle, you’ll be charged for the number of spots your automobile takes up (there are also outdoor spots if your vehicle is too tall).

  • Cost: $23 per day
  • Payment: Cash, credit, and debit cards

Long Beach Hotels with Cruise Parking
Again, if you plan to stay in the area and want to save on parking, be sure to check out our list of hotels offering cruise parking packages.

We’ve found many offering that are within a short ride to the terminal that will also let you park your car at a rate much cheaper than parking at the cruise port. In Long Beach, the following hotels (and many more) offer parking deals for their guests:

For more details on each hotel and what the packages include, see our page on Long Beach hotels with cruise parking deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at Los Angeles and Long Beach?
The two ports that are about 10 minutes from each other charge different rates. If you are sailing from the World Cruise Center (Port of Los Angeles), then the price is $20 per day. If you are sailing from the Port of Long Beach, then you’ll pay $23 per day. 

Both ports will accept cash or credit card.

Do I need a reservation to park?
No. Each port has ample space for parking. For example, the Port of Los Angeles has more than 2,500 individual parking spaces. Instead of making a reservation, you simply show up on cruise day and you’ll be directed to a spot.

Are there cheaper places to park than at the port?
Due to the location of the ports, there aren’t many independent lots nearby. Your best bet is to simply park at the cruise port using their official port parking.

That said, if you are planning to stay the night in the area, there are a number of hotels that offer park and cruise packages. With a night’s stay you can get discounted parking while you cruise. See our list of Los Angeles and Long Beach “park and cruise” hotels.

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