Cruise Pizza You’ve Got to Try

Cruise Pizza You’ve Got to Try

Cruise pizza is a must try on some top cruise lines like Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.
Alfredo’s Pizza on Princess Cruises

It’s easy to overlook a basic dining option like pizza when you’re on a cruise vacation, with all the extravagant options available on a cruise, but there really is nothing like a good slice of cruise pizza. Maybe it’s the quality of the craftsmanship cruise staff put into them. Maybe it’s the simple joy of greasy finger food complimented by a cool ocean breeze. Whatever it is that makes it feel so special, you definitely don’t want to sleep on the experience of cruise ship pizza!

#1 in Cruise Pizza: Alfredo’s Pizzeria on Princess Cruises

Voted “Best Pizza at Sea” by USA TODAY, Alfredo’s Pizzeria can be found on Discovery Princess, Grand Princess, Majestic Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Sapphire Princess, and Sky Princess. This elegant pizzeria is named for Princess Cruises’ former Master Chef Alfredo Marzi, a graduate of one of Paris’s top culinary institutes, and is a great example of what cruise ship pizza has to offer.

It isn’t just the tantalizing menu of fresh baked single-serving pizzas that make this a worthy entry on our list of cruise pizza. The open design of the kitchen allows you to see the chefs lovingly craft your pizza by hand right in front of you and serve it fresh out of the oven. The menu differs a bit from ship to ship, but the craftsmanship never waivers!

The Best Atmosphere: The Pizza Place on Virgin Voyages

Another great place to get cruise pizza is at one of the beach club-inspired pizzerias you’ll find on a Virgin Voyages ship. Aptly named The Pizza Place, you can find one of these cozy little eateries on the Brilliant Lady, Resilient Lady, Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady. Here you’ll be able to get fresh, made-to-order pizza while lounging in the relaxing ambience of their comforting cafeteria.

The design here features white and pastel colored furniture with navy-striped accents, for a laid-back atmosphere that is topped off with the inclusion of hammocks for the ultimate cruise ship pizza experience. You can pick from a selection of classic pizzas off of their menu or build one to your own liking. Our favorite pizzas are the Pretty Fly for a White Pie, with 3 types of cheese and roasted garlic, and the Chicken Pesto, with basil pesto and mozzarella.

For the Classic Cruise Ship Pizza: Sorrento’s on Royal Caribbean

Next up on our list of favorite cruise pizzas is Sorrento’s on Royal Caribbean. The recipes here have been perfected over many years and have truly stood the test of time. The selection here is wide ranging, with everything from the simple, classic Margherita, to much more unique combinations like the pineapple, bacon and BBQ-infused Caribbean Dream.

This place really seeks to bring little Italy out to sea, serving up cruise ship pizza in a bistro that pays homage to the type of pizza joint you would expect to find on a street corner in New York City. You can check it out for yourself on over a dozen different Royal Caribbean ships, and they are open late, so it’s the perfect place for a late night snack after a night of partying!

For Cruise Pizza by the Slice: Carnival’s Pizza Pirate

Pizza by the slice is the perfect snack by the pool, and that is what you get at Carnival Cruises’ Pizza Pirate. This convenient little pizzeria is found on most ships in Carnival’s enormous fleet, and it is usually located near a pool, making it a prime location to grab a slice of cruise ship pizza while spending a day relaxing by the water.

There’s no shortage of selections here, with choices like Margherita, Funghi, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, and Quattro Formaggi, all served with a delicious Caesar salad on the side. The simple counter service set up is great for a grab-and-go meal, but the size and quality of the slices is no joke — This is cruise pizza that will rival any sit down restaurant back on land!

The Best Thin Crust Cruise Ship Pizza: Holland America’s New York Pizza

Rounding out our favorite cruise pizza joints is Holland America’s New York Pizza. Here you will get 9-inch, thin crust pizzas that are made to order and named after the famed boroughs of New York City. Toppings are made of only the finest ingredients, and run the gamut from classic pepperoni and mozzarella, to more eclectic options like kalamata olives and artichokes.

On Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam, you will find the standard New York Pizza venue, but on Koningsdam, Rotterdam, and Nieuw Statendam, it is called New York Deli & Pizza. These hybrid locations offer made-to-order deli sandwiches in addition, giving you even more options to try alongside your slice of delicious cruise ship pizza!

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