Bizarre detail in man’s holiday pool snap: ‘Holy s**t’

Bizarre detail in man’s holiday pool snap: ‘Holy s**t’

A man is going viral after he shared a snap of himself in the pool with a stranger he met during his holiday.

The tourist, who goes by Sean Douglas Mcardle on Reddit, is smiling in the pool wearing a cap and dark-rimmed sunglasses.

However, next to him is a man who looks like his identical twin, despite the fact he just met him in the Vegas pool. His doppelgänger also sported similar facial stubble, glasses and hat.

“I wasn’t convinced until now … we are definitely in a simulation,” Sean posted on Reddit alongside the photo.

“Today I randomly swam past my doppelseaner (sic) at the Flamingo pool in Vegas.”

People were shocked by the strange encounter, with many also suggesting they looked like the brothers of famous actor Seth Rogen.

A man in a pool with another man who looks identical to him.

The man shocked people on Reddit with the photo of his doppelganger. Source: Reddit

“The glasses are the craziest part for me,” one surprised person wrote on Reddit.

“Glasses, hat, even the right amount of face stubble. The only thing that would make this better is if they both had chest hair,” another said.

“Holy s**t dude,” a third added.

Another described the encounter as a “crazy coincidence” as they both not only wore glasses, but the same frame and color.

“And on top of that, that day they both chose to wear a WHITE hat,” one said.

“I’m like legitimately sure they are twins who were separated at birth or something,” another commented.

Others however did not see the stark similarities between the two.


“Am I the only one here who doesn’t think these guys look very much alike?” one questioned.

“I mean, I can see the resemblance, but it’s helped out a lot by the hats, glasses and beards. Their facial structures look quite different to me.

“Their cheekbones are quite different, as well as their chins.”

Another agreed, saying the hats were doing a lot of heavy lifting.

“They don’t look much alike,” they said.

“There are definitely differences that are being overlooked, but that’s because the eyes, nose and smile are very similar,” another commented.

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