A guide about coronado island beach

A guide about coronado island beach


Across the bay from downtown San Diego, Coronado is a welcome getaway from the bustle of the city and the beaches. Follow the tree-lined avenue, with its well-kept dividing strip of Orange Avenue to the Coronado Village shopping center, around the famous Hotel del Coronado. Park your car since you will not need it again until you leave.

The locals call Coronado La Isla because it is connected to the mainland by the spectacular Coronado Bay Bridge of 3.4 km, as well as by a long narrow strip of sand known as the Silver Strand. The visitor center functions as the Coronado Museum of History and Art. Can take breakfast or lunch at the Sheerwater restaurant overlooking the beach.

Perfect Location

Just 10 km from the capital city, coronado island beach offers visitors a quiet and communal atmosphere in a bustling tourist spot. Located in the Central Valley, the town is located just in front of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. It is also found along regular transportation routes. Frequent buses can take visitors to San Jose in about 20 or 30 minutes, which makes traveling to the city easier.

Natural beauty

Coronado island beach is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Costa Rica. Braulio Carrillo is a must stop on any itinerary. This national park is really one of the hidden gems of the areas. While not as popular as other national parks, Braulio Carrillo has impressive views of the natural fauna and flora, along with acres of virgin forest and jungle areas. It is also home to more than 150 species of animals. This allows you to spend a lot of time observing birds, exploring and walking. Not being too explored means that the landscape in the park is untamed and gives an idea of the true nature intact.

Another natural treasure not very distant is the Barva Volcano. This is a trendy place for tourists to visit. It provides 9,700 feet of height to explore. While a hiker will take approximately five hours to reach the summit, it is a time well spent. The views of the area from the top are a unique experience.

Wonders made by Man

The city is not only full of natural beauty. There are also some fake sites that are worth exploring. The Church of San Isidro de Coronado presents a neo-Gothic design. Its impressive columns and stained glass windows are worthy of admiration. The cross vaults that span the roof and the metal frame are other note design features. This is one of the many churches in Costa Rica that visitors to the area should explore to learn more about the culture and history of the city.

The site formerly housed a church from the 1880s that was destroyed by an earthquake. Built in its place in 1935 by Teodorico QuirĂ³s, San Isidro is one of the most important churches in the entire country. It is dedicated to San Isidro el Obrero. Visitors should make sure to check the tower clock and the bells.